SAMSUNG J791 Series 34-Inch Ultrawide QHD (3440x1440) Computer Monitor, 100Hz, Thunderbolt 3 Daisy Chain, QLED, HDMI, USB Hub, Height Adjustable Stand (LC34J791WTNXZA), White


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Product Details

  • First Curved monitor with Intel Thunderbolt 3 for single-source power and charging
  • One cable to Link and dock monitor and laptop
  • Tbt3 offers 40 Gaps processing speed - - 4x faster than USB - - and up to 85W laptop charging
  • Connectivity available for docks, displays and peripherals including Macs, USB Type-C laptops, E storage drives and external Graphics cards
  • Ultra wide WQHD resolution 3440 x 1440
  • Great multi-tasking with intuitive screen split software PBP/PIP
  • Qled technology provides a wide range of colors, darker blacks with a 3000: 1 contrast ratio
  • Thunderbolt 3 technology provides compatibility with MacBook and PC
  • 100 hertz?
  • Standing screen display size 34 Inches (86.4 cm)
    Max Screen Resolution 3440x1440 Pixels
    Brand SAMSUNG
    Item model number LC34J791WTNXZA
    Item Weight 22 pounds (9.9 kg)
    Product Dimensions 31.83 x 20.3 x 12.2 inches (80.8 x 51.6 x 31 cm)
    Item Dimensions LxWxH 31.83 x 20.3 x 12.2 inches (80.8 x 51.6 x 31 cm)
    Color White
    Voltage 100240 Volts
    Manufacturer Samsung Electronics DAV
    Country of Origin China
    Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
    Date First Available April 27, 2018
    Specific Uses For Product Personal
    Refresh Rate 100 Hz
    Brand SAMSUNG
    Screen Size 34 Inches (86.4 cm)
    Screen Surface Description Curved
  • SAMSUNG J791 Series 34-Inch Ultrawide QHD (3440x1440) Computer Monitor, 100Hz, Thunderbolt 3 Daisy Chain, QLED, HDMI, USB Hub, Height Adjustable Stand (LC34J791WTNXZA), White

    With the Samsung 34-Inch CJ791 Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor (LC34J791WTNXZA)—the first curved monitor with Intel Thunderbolt 3 for single-source power and charging—you’ll be able to immerse yourself in your game or your work—and get more done while you’re at it. TBT3 offers 40 Gbps processing speed with one cable to link and dock monitor and laptop. Connect docks, displays and peripherals including Macs, USB Type-C laptops, external storage drives and external graphics cards. This Samsung curved monitor offers multiple inputs for all of your devices, including two Thunderbolt 3 ports, DP, HDMI and USB inputs. Built-in 7-watt stereo speakers provide an enhanced entertainment experience when viewing videos and playing games, saving space on your desk without adding extra speakers. The widescreen monitor allows for 34 inches of ultrawide display. Take advantage of seamless multitasking on one screen—no need for a dual-monitor setup. Picture-by-Picture allows you to display two sources of data on the 34-inch widescreen display without degrading the source resolution. Picture-in-Picture helps you to resize one of the sources up to 25% of the screen and position it anywhere.Temperature : 10~40 ?.
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  • 5
    Productivity king!

    Posted by indira on 2022 Jul 15th

    As soon as I removed the monitor from the box and placed it on my desk I was in awe. The space you get with this screen is overwhelming and the design is simply marvelous. One of my favorite things of the design is being able to hide the cables through the stand on the back. The curved screen design looks amazing and the whole monitor is surprisingly light in weight. Now to the real deal.. turning it on! This monitor packs an amazing quality in a huge curved ultra wide screen. The curve is in fact very easy in the eyes. I spent about 8-9 hours with it in one go and felt no real stress on my eyes. On top of that, the 21:9 ratio is productivity heaven. I usually work with two screens at work but this changes the game completely. I am able to have 4 windows open on the screen and to interact with all of them at perfect quality and with enough space to get all my things done! I feel like I will be getting much more work done now that I have this screen and that’s the main reason I bought it! I honestly cannot find any cons to this monitor. The PBP and PIP functions are also some of my favorite features. I currently have a work laptop and a personal laptop and being able to project both screens in one removes the hassle from having to switch from looking at two different screens. Samsung has outdone themselves with this monitor and I fully recommend this product to anyone that works on multiple projects, is a designer, or a gamer! (I am looking forward to downloading a game and playing on this screen very soon!)

  • 5
    Vision concerns So far, so good.

    Posted by Olivia Jennings on 2022 Jul 15th

    I’m losing vision in one eye, and needed to find a screen that I can use in my home office that won’t undermine efforts to halt the incurable vision loss. The eye safety mode is amazing. I worked on and off for a day without it. As soon as I finished the setup and read the directions for turning it on, it was like an immediate relief I felt throughout my entire body. I didn’t realize how tense the eye strain was making me. Now, with the eye safety mode on, I can comfortably work the long hours my work demands. Best of all, there’s no loss of clarity, color, or sepia toned everything. It’s like someone took white-hot eye-stabby, piercing computer light and brought it down from dog pitch to human pitch. I thought the curve would give me nausea since I can barely manage going down stairs without falling, but there’s no issue with blurring it movement. If you have vision concerns and need a screen in which you might 25-30 files open at the same time, this is a great option. I’ve had this for a few weeks, and I no longer dread the post-work tears and sad eyes - because it doesn’t happen any more. FYI I do use non-preservative eye drops with an oil base and a hot compress 2x per day during work days in addition to using this monitor.

  • 5
    Huge and awesome

    Posted by Jaygyver on 2022 Jul 15th

    Looking at pictures and guessing just how big this is, you will be wrong. This is a very wide monitor. Get a tape measure out and check out your desk. Get a sheet of cardboard or something, just the tape measure doesn't do it justice. Loved NOT having to put the display together out of the box. Pre-assembled . The screen (without the bezel) is about the same height as my 27" which is what I wanted. I didn't realize that this one had the Picture by Picture until I was looking at the OSD on the display. I hooked my 2010 MacPro and a Windows machine to it and it works great. Mac on one half and Windows on the other side. You can also switch which computer you want on either side. You do have to have the computer you want to go back to full screen on the left side. I haven't really tried to see if you can pick which one goes full screen without switching it over to the left side. Just happy it works and just a few changes on the OSD menu so doesn't really take that long to change. Very little documentation on using PBP. Pretty much any review online said very little about it. I'm not a "Pro" so take it for what its worth but the text seems to be great to me, sharp and no blurriness or color shift that I can see using PBP or full screen on either computer. It does seem to be a bit bright with a web page open or looking at a document or anything with a white background at least in a dark environment. Haven't had a chance to play with the controls yet. No missing paint on the bezel and bezel was still whole with no gaps on mine. Hopefully they updated everything. No back light bleed that I could notice anyway. The joystick on the back of the display for the On Screen Menu isn't that bad. No worse then my Samsung 27" front panel "touch sensitive" buttons. I haven't really played with the FreeSync or using the 100hz display yet. Still trying to get my Steam games to work after building a new PC and moving my bootcamp games to a new SSD. The biggest problem seems to be going from W7 to W10. Unfortunately I don't have a Thunderbolt 3 capable computer so can't use the same keyboard/mouse on both computers. (I think, still tinkering with it). Which comes to my displeasure's with the display. 1-DP port and 1-HDMI port but two TB3 ports that supposedly you can't switch between. I don't have a TB3 capable computer so can't use it anyway. Would have liked to have both computers on DP but I figure having two different ports is the only way to have PBP? Also mine came with the "Leaning Tower of Pisa" mount. The display dips to the left almost an inch. Feels like the mount is a little loose. It will move up if you lift the corner. I believe another reviewer online mentioned they put a small weight or something on the back of the opposite side to level it. I have so much crap on my desk I just prop it up with whatever is handy at the moment, at least until i look at the mount and see if I can do anything about it. More likely when the wife gives me the evil eye about my mess. Speaking of which, the draw back of having a pretty back side is you have to have a funky vesa mount adapter to mount it on an arm. Which it did come with. I still get a chuckle when you move a large window from one side of the display to the other as it looks like your sliding a panel instead of a window with the curved display.

  • 5
    Amazing Monitor for MacBook Pro!

    Posted by Joseph on 2022 Jul 15th

    I purchased this monitor specifically b/c of the thunderbolt 3 connectivity and I am not disappointed. It has been an absolute game-changer for me with both work and school. The ability to display 4 or 5 documents at once and still be able to read them clearly has really facilitated more productivity for me. Beyond just that, watching videos is a fantastic experience as well, which is important to me since 95% of what I watch is watched on my computer now. A great surprise/bonus was that this monitor has speakers as well! I was getting ready to order a set of speakers but these sound so good I don't see any need (I'm not an audiophile by any stretch though so take that for what it's worth). I would highly recommend this monitor to anyone but especially to MacBook Pro owners looking for a boost in productivity and just overall experience. It is literally as simple as plugging the monitor into a power source and then plugging the included thunderbolt 3 cable into the monitor and MacBook. I could not be happier with my purchase.

  • 5
    This monitor got what I want for my Macbook Pro.

    Posted by Rj on 2022 Jul 15th

    I want to have less wires running around my desk. With this monitor I got that. One wire (USB C/ Thunderbolt 3) plugged into my macbook pro from the monitor. This one cable does the job of charging the laptop and act as a display cable. The best part is with an additional thunderbolt port in the monitor, I can connect the external harddrive to the monitor and access that external harddrive also in macbook pro without the need for any additional cable. I want more screen real estate to improve productivity. I am a full stack software developer. Obviously with ultra wide I got that real estate now. For now I am happy with this monitor. And one additional thing I like about is the cinema feel you get while watching netflix because of the wide screen.

  • 5
    Excellent Monitor

    Posted by Esteban V. on 2022 Jul 15th

    Just got this monitor today and its beautiful. Out of the box is impressive. I am using it with a Macbook Pro 2017, you need to use the stock USB-C cable to connect it to the laptop and it charges my mac just fine. I was looking to replace a 27 inch monitor since I needed the extra space for multiple applications but didn't want to have two monitors due to spacing in my desk. Image is great and I have no issues of letters being blurry or image quality being bad, it has a nice image quality and graphics and videos look nice too. I read other reviews from similar products complaining about the curvature. This is my first curved monitor and I love it. I have owned two 27 inch Samsung monitors and material is pretty much the same, those others have endure years without any issues, for now I assume this one will endure the same. If anything happens I will update the review, but for now I am happy customer.